Kech Grammer School & InterMediate Collage,Turbat

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Kech Grammer High School & Intermediate College

Its All About Kech.

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TOP 10 STUDENTS OF MATRIC Result Balochistan Board IN KECH DISTRICT. (1) Zummarad Naseer from OPF Public School: 859 (2) Ehsan Aslam from Kech Grammar School: 846 (3) Zohra Naseer from OPF Public School: 829 (4) Ayesha Ibrahim from Kech Grammar School: 828 (5) Sangeen Waleed from OPF Public School: 826 (6) Amreen from Government School Shapok: 825 (7) Aqsa Ahad from Kech Grammar School : 823 (8) Shali from Kech Grammar School :818 (9) Zainab from OPF Public School: 816 (10) Mahjan from Kech Grammar School: 810 CONGRATULATION to All.

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Kech Grammer School, Turbat ,Balochistan